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Nannie Pea’s 4 Kids Book Series

Nannie Pea’s first book, Nightmare in My World, published in 2020 found immediate popular and critical acclaim. Ranked one of the Top Children’s Books of the year, Nightmare in My World brings the start of Nannie Pea’s 4 Kids book series. Next up in the 4 Kids series are The Adventures of Pally and Ducee, and An ABC Book of Poems 4 Kidz!

4-U-Nique Publishing is the publisher of Nightmare in My World and the Nannie Pea’s 4 Kids series.

Nightmare In My World

It was the morning of No School Saturday and all Elaia wanted was to see the surprise that her mom and dad had for her. Elaia wakes to find MATH BOARD. Surprised but MATH BOARD was not the treat Elaia expected. But MATH BOARD has a special treat for Elaia.

Come along with Elaia as MATH BOARD takes her on a journey to a treat that will last a lifetime.

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The Adventure of Pally and Ducee

An ABC Book of Poems 4 Kidz!